Ronda Robinson Delivers Fire to Punch Entertainment Studios' Diva GlamMas

Ronda Robinson can make up one sixth of your amazing Diva GlamMas ladies.

She is named Baby Diva, and justifiable motive — she’s the youngest 1 out with the team, but that doesn’t suggest that she lacks any everyday living practical experience. Robinson, like the other Divas, is additionally grandmother. She has just one grand-child and it has expressed that she appreciates the knowledge from the older Divas plus the knowledge they bestow on her Particularly In regards to boosting small children.

But Because she’s a grandmother doesn’t mean she’s slowed down at all. Robinson remains as vivacious as ever including her very own personalized flair to any here and each detail she does. Just check out her signature long nails that entice pretty much All people that comes in contact with her.

This vivid diva describes herself using the a few B’s: Major. Black. Lovely. But let’s not get it twisted, those people 3 phrases get more info aren’t the extent of Robinson’s personality. Baby Diva also provides a passion for encouraging people who are much less privileged as her and the rest of the divas increase money for family members in require.

Like another one of ladies on the show, Robinson wishes to encourage ladies to continue residing their best daily life regardless of what age click here they are.

You may capture Baby Diva living it up as well as her 5 other glamorous grandmothers on Punch Television Wednesdays at nine p.m. Or stream it when it airs in this article.

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